As mentioned in the title above, I called it a miracle product.. Why? because this little product travelled with me through 4 different countries by road i.e Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

My skin is prone to get dehydrated and gets black heads very quicky. It feels every litte bit of change in the weather and reacts to it. Long story short, I got it from Sephora as a gift of completing my 1800 points (Yayyy).. and as soon as I started using the product I found myself getting addicted to it.They claim that the product is  enriched with the benefits of Aquacomplex, this fresh, velvety-soft treatment lotion, first key step, acts as a natural hydration trigger. And I second that. After using it the very first time my skin felt so soft and so fresh. I noticed a big change with the continuous use. It was my favourite product in my travel bag and it didnt let my skin break out. I’m very thankful for that =D So, do try this product or complete your points as soon as possible to get the mini pack for free =P (I’m not sure if they are still giving it away) but i’d definatly buy this product again. So from me I give it 5 stars ❤

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