There was a time when finding ‘falsies’ (fake eyelashes) in Pakistan was heck of a thing. Either you could order those expensive lashes from abroad that took ages to deliver or you have to buy some very pathetic ones (looks like barbies plastic lashes) from your near by cosmetics store. But buying fake lashes are no biggy anymore, it just 2 clicks away.


“ZHOOSH” is Pakistan’s first premium eyelash brand. Seeing all those reviews coming up, they are really making a good business here.

ZHOOSH lashes are :

  • Cruelty free
  • handcrafted mink lashes
  • comfortable and light weight
  • Reusable upto 25 times !!!!

It’s wedding season grab the best lashes before they are sold out. They have pretty good range available on their website. Giving their website link below:

I wish team “ZHOOSH” a very best of luck. ❤

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