14947736_1055997131164564_2948369631457414843_nAs soon as the weather changes, we all try to change our skin routine or specially those who are more into skin care like me. What I noticed, people usually change their daily moisturizer, powder foundation is mostly replaced by liquid one and pick lipsticks with more creamy consistency. All that is good but what we forget to change is “basics of our skin care”, what lies beneath layers of makeup.

So, I however switch to more organic and natural products during winters.I recently had a trip to body shop and bought what I think help me the most to survive the dry winter (by the way ..it snowed too early this year did you guys noticed ?).

First of all, I threw all my summer lip balms. As I was sick of chapped lips so I bought two lip balms:


(and I will be using it as my night care routine)


Honey made from the nectar of wildflowers. It has a sweet, floral scent and leaves lips feeling kissably soft.

  • Sweet, floral scent
  • For softer-feeling lips

(I’ll be using it for my day care routine. So this one is going to stay in my bag for a long period of time )

For hands I bought two products. One is a hand cream and the other is a hand cleansing gel for every day travelling. As I wear gloves alot during winter so I dont want my dirty hands covered in gloves and catch some infection. (I’m also a bit germo-phobe =P)


  • Dewy moisture for hands
  • Non-greasy and absorbs instantly
  • With the essence of hand-picked British roses


  • Rub-in cleanser
  • Leaves hands feeling fresh
  • No need to rinse
  • Heady Fragrance notes of bergamot, petit grain and neroli.


The last product that I bought is for the face. Its a hydration toner.


• Suitable for all skin types
• Enriched with vitamin E
• Enriched with Community Trade soya oil from Brazil
• Hydrating, refreshing feel
• Non-drying
• Paraben-free

For people who have to go out everyday like me, I always prefer toner. It’s always good to apply toner before moisturizer specially during winter season. It gives your skin that extra hydration that it needs and keeps your skin safe from getting dry patches.

Any those 3 little containers..well I got them for free to try 😉

So, what are your special skin care or beauty routines for winters? Do share with me. And If you like this article ..Like , Comment below, Share and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram ♥

Untill next time =)