Are you an Instagram freak like me?? Are you of those people who scroll up and  down through random Instagram account while making some very serious life decisions? (LOL)

Well if you are this post is JUST FOR YOU. I’ll be telling about those Instagram and Youtube accounts that I’m following for years now I guess. I’m their very loyal follower =P



My first and all time top favourite is ‘DinaTokio’ I love love absolutely love her blogs and her videos. As, I wear Hijab so I started following her as a Hijab Inspiration. I love her Hijab and Turban styles though I don’t wear Turban much because of my double chin =(. Later, I got to know more about her that she’s a stylist and she became my ultimate style inspiration. She’s married to a Pakistani British guy named Sid. You can also follow him as well. And yes you can also follow their CATS !! . Those cats have more followers than me (UH!). They had a baby girl a year ago (I guess) and they make absolutely adorable videos that I’m addicted to. What I really like about them, they don’t put so much effort trying and pretending to be someone else which most Instagramers and YouTubers. They also started Q&A sessions where one can ask them any question (even relating to some private stuff) and then they come up with suggestions (though I disagree with them sometimes) .


So, If you are a Hijabi or not follow her to get tips how to do layering this winter season and how to look super chic even if you are going casual.

Link to her profile:



Her name is Laiba Zaid. She’s a Pakistani currently living in Toronto. She’s a red her and the most beautiful red her you have ever seen!!! She’s a real life repunzel and a beast in the gym. She was recently featured on ‘I N S I D E R’ as well.


Her YouTube videos with her mother (who looks very young) are the cutest !!. If you are looking for hairstyles, casual for gym/school etc or as stylish as a show stopper you should follow her. You could also follow her to get body workout tips. Every once in a while she starts a paid course regarding weight loss at home. She’s a natural and all in one girl =D

Link to her profile:




I started following Zoella way way back on YouTube and after that on her Instagram blog. Her channel is the one stop shop. She posts about beauty, skin care, books and her personal travel logs. I like the way she takes her camera everywhere and films everything. She has a boyfriend ‘elfie’ (if you know urdu you know what elfie is =P) Well Elfie is also a YouTuber and they moved in together a while ago. (I’m not a stalker it was all in her videos). They make really fun videos together and with their friends. They do challenges like trying out candies from different countries, playing different games on camera and making travel logs together.


She also has her own cosmetic and skin care brand and she also write books. Too much hard work Lady !!

Link to her profile:




If you are into glam makeup you must follow ‘Nikkitutorial’. She’s the makeup diva that no one can beat. I don’t think so there’s anyother makeup artist who that good. Though I can’t do makeup like her but honestly speaking her tutorial are very satisfactory to watch =D


She has also recently collaborated with ‘Two faced’ and introduced her very own Eyeshadow platte that is too gorgeous !!

Link to her profile:


So, Follow these super gorgeous ladies and let me know if this post is of anyhelp. Also, follow ME on instagram and do share the posts that you like!!

Untill next Time xXxX ♥