Again it’s time of the year with all the shades of grey, deadly cold weather, snowfall, rain (almost every other day), no sun and no plans. Right after I crossed my phase of childhood and became a teenager (introvert!) I HATED THIS WEATHER. I cry when it rains and don’t know the reason why, I fight 50% of the time and for the other 50% I try to stay in bed with my eyes closed and prefer not to interact with any human being. If that happens to you too consider yourself normal because it happens to every second person and it’s okay to talk about it.

Before I came to Sweden, I didnt spend too much time knowing about the country I was moving to. I was like ‘Okay! I’m moving abroad and so other million of people in the world’. As for me who used to hate Pakistani winters and annual trips to northern areas I did a big mistake cause I didnt know what I’m getting into (LOL)

I left Pakistan on a very sunny day and after 4-5 hours I guess, my plane landed in a very sunny Turkey. From the famous “Hagia Sophia” to Princess beach I visited every single place I could in the shortest period of time. I used to leave hotel early morning and use to come late just to have a good sleep and re-energize myself for the next morning. After spending a lovely week I took my flight towards my final destination “Sweden”. I was anxious and excited. After 4-5 hours, when I heard the announcement that we are reaching I started to gather my things before landing, but the view outside my window started giving me a very wrong signal.It became very dark. It was like a dark grey paper on every window and becoming even more darker.I don’t want to see rain on my first day. I waited and waited for the grey sheet to vanish,when it finally did and we left the heavy grey clouds behind it wasn’t raining. IT WAS A SNOW STORM!!! from one corner of my window to the other all I could see was everything covered in white . All houses ,bulidings, roads, fields everything WHITE. Suddenly, All the excitement went away.  It took an hour for me to get home through out my way all I could see was snow.

Well days passed by. My husband tried to take me everywhere he could but nothing used to appeals me. I was missing home, friends, family and most of all I was missing the sun. I stopped talking to humans and started crying and kept it that way till the end of winters.

This year I planned my winters early and differently. In Sweden after september the weather changes. Autumn is pretty much the start of my winters and the ‘Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). But I’m being pretty badass this year. It’s  December and I have my energy fully stored and  I am writting this blog to share it with you guys so you can help yourself out too. I made a planner in August to follow it till the end of winter and it helped me so well. The plan was

1-BUY PLANTS: I bought as many as I can take care of  (and can afford) to keep my indoor less white and more green, healthy and lively. Though ‘Ficus’ didn’t get along very well with me but the rest of them are good and they keep me good . FYI use aloevera as gel over night mask. Nothing makes you more happy than a healthy skin =D

2-TAKE YOUR VITAMIN D: Because there’s hardly any sun to take Vitamin D naturally, you have to take the supplements to keep yourself less miserable.  Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases (Yes Google!) . FYI it also fights  depression.


I use these multi-Vitamins and they also have a good quantity of Vitamin D. Try it !!

3- PAMPER YOURSELF:  when ever I feel down (or if its just my sugar level playing me) I take a long hot bath. Put my hair mask and face mask on and wait untill I feel better and it does work !!

4- GOOD FOOD AND LOTS OF TEA’S :  Very important !!! take advantage of the season who behaves the worst with you. Eat all the fruits the season has to offer (if not than buy the imported stuff =P ) Drink tea whichever you like to keep you warm wheather its green tea, hot chocolate or coffee (Go easy on caffine though). I prefer herbal tea elaichi, cinnamon, ginger , garlic, honey and lemon. Easy, tasty and straight out of the pantry.

5-READ A BOOK:  “So many books, so little time”. Yes !!

6-GO OUT !! MOST IMPORTANT !!! stop being a couch potato!! That’s what I tell myself everyday and you should too. I know it’s hard but you need to go out and appreciate mother nature. Start with  8 min walk everyday and you’ll thank me later 😉

7-DON’T BE HARD ON YOURSELF:  SAD is very normal so don’t go hard on yourself. Push yourself but also don’t forget to give yourself a break every once in a while. I Keep my saturday as a ‘cheat day’. I stay in bed. Watch my favourite TV shows and eat junk food. =D

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