Before you go all broke by spending too much on Sephora (Yeaaa, we heard such stories), let me give you a good news that there’s 30% off on all TARTE products. Extreme good news because tarte is still not available in Sweden but they do ship.

The other good news is that, they just launched their organic skin care products(FYI looks amaaazing). So, now you can purchase the ‘just came’ products on 30%off as well. Also, on the purchase of  Sek 734- you will get free shipping till Sweden.

How pretty these products look from the skin care range. right? ♥

If you still have to buy holiday gifts, they have the best holiday gift packs and duos. Fortunately some of them are under $30 if you are shopping on budget.

Vist Tarte and do let me know which product you find the best. For more updates and reviews follow me on instagram. 😉