I have watched million of ‘No makeup’ tutorials and couldn’t stop wondering, ‘how putting that much amount of makeup on your face is a no makeup face’. For me a no makeup face is a mosturizing based primer or a bb cream, a tinted chapstick WITHOUT LIPLINER !! and mascara and brow gel.

I don’t do makeup tutorials or stuff but today I though why not show you guys my side of ‘From no makeup to less makeup’ and P.S I don’t do eyebrows and I love it !!!

-Before and After-

So here is a before and after picture. I didn’t use any liquid foundation.

Step wise, I started with primer and a little bit of contouring my Cheeks (little bit means little bit) with NYX contour stick. I used bodyshop ‘All in one foundation’ to powder my face. It is such a good powder foundation. After that I applied eyeshade over the crease and highlighter on the lid and finished with Too Faced Mascara I didn’t apply too much liner but created a fake wing at the corners of eyes. Than I used used Too Faced bronzer on my cheeks, one stroke of liquid highlighter and Too Faced melted lipstick (Which is my favorite) on my Lips and Voila!! I’m ready =D Took almost 5-8 mins. This has always been my favorite go to look.

Products that I used I must have misplaced my Too Faced lipstick and Ignore me in the Picture -_-

Let me know what you guys think about it. =) share, Like and Comment if you want to 😉 and follow me on Instagram for more =*