Ever since I was a kid I had a huge thing for  ‘herbal and organic’ Products. Sometimes as kid I used to pretend like ‘Hakeem’ while grinding leaves with a stone (WEIRD -_-). No idea what’s the obsession ..maybe because I’ve seen my mother scrubbing her face with lemon and boiling ‘Aritha and Amla’ (No idea what it’s called in angrezi) to wash her hair. Anyhow the obsession kept me pretty restless in Sweden. But today I thought why not ask google guru if there’s any organic shop here.

So Luckily I found some of them. I picked the one which is located in the heart of Stockholm that I thought would be easy for us to find. So, my husband and I Went there today. It’s called ‘Paradiset matmarknad’ and it’s near Mariatorget (Hope my Spellings are fine). And just like the name it was a paradise for people who love organic Products. Fruits, veggis, eggs, oil, chips, toiletries OH MY GOD they have it all.

Due to shortage of time we had to run cause we were heading somewhere so we just bought some Products that we needed. I must tell prices are quite high as compare to other stores so make up your mind and shortlist those Products that you do need. I bought tea because Winter obv! some organic flour (Coconut and Almond) and organic shampoo because the last Vegan shampoo (MARIA NILLA) I used made my hair fall out.


The guy from the counter really helped me out while I was having a problem deciding and he also told me that even the packaging is organic which is pretty cool!

I yet have to Review the Products and decide if they are worth the money or not but with the outlook that shop made me happy =D I can ditch a day in the mall to Visit that shop again =D Have you guys been there ?? Let me know which organic shop you like the most in Stockholm or which have cheaper rates =P

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