Hey there!!

Yes I’m late to wish you guys a ‘Happy New Year’ but incase if your New Year is not going very happy so HAPPY NEW YEAR again =P LAME ?! I KNOW !!

So, today I’m gonna talk about my Favorites from 2016. Ain’t too late for that yea!


Starting with the Skin care. As you guys know and as I’ve already written an article about it already, I was pretty obsessed GUERLAIN SUPER-AQUA lotion. This product did help my skin alot. It was a bit high priced but I would love to save some money and buy it again.



I bought this cream when I was on a summer trip with Birka cruise. I bought it from a duty free shop and as far as I remember it cost be around $15 (not so sure). I used this as my daily cream in summers (under my regular sunscreen) and continued till winters (without sunscreen). Though you hardly see any sun in  winters but in my opinion you should always use a bit of SPF and this cream consist of SPF15. It makes my skin looks so glowy and dewy that I usually skip my foundation and that was the thing I really liked about this cream.



I’ve been using this Amazing Salt scrub from body shop that actually makes you feel like spa at home. In winters when your skin gets all patchy and bumpy it helps to exfoliate those dry patches and let your new skin breathe.

I end my spa with Spa wisdom body balm. It keeps skin hydrated and so soft.




My hair has been falling out since I tried that Vegan Shampoo from MARIA NILLA. As, it is winter and extreame wheather condition here in the city of STOCKHOLM so my hair needed some extra care. I bought the ‘Mythic olive’ hair mask from garnier and ‘Serum-in-oil’ by Dove to get it through. I like Mythic olive hair mask because it makes my hair soft but I LOVE LOVE LOVE serum in oil from Dove, makes my hair much more managable, less frizzy and leave them un tangeled.


So, new year and I’m already up for trying out new products and new Food =P soon I’ll be writing some travel blogs and Food reviews as well, so you have to stick for them.

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