I know from this area of the world i’m living in right now …it’s too early to talk about spring. When the weather casually goes down to -6 or -10 sometimes, you don’t want to wear anything else but a parka. But hey! It’s the mid of feburary and in most parts of the world it is the start of beautiful Spring season. Excited much ? bet I am !.

So let’s talk about that one color I’m dedication my post to. IT’S YELLOW.

It is a  very contradictory color. People have a strong opinion about it specially when it comes to grandparents ( LOL) . It is one of those colors that you either love or hate and a matter of fact in past years people did hate wearing yellow.

To some it brings uplifting feeling and Joy and for others it’s a nasty color that gives you headache. But when it comes to Fashion we can happily take even a headache as pleasure. As they say ‘In the world of fashion nothing is comfortable’.



The bright hue of bold yellow was popular at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. From Mustard to Lemon, Yellow also remained the eye catching factor at Golden Globes.


When it comes to wearing yellow you can add a blazer, cardigan or even a yellow bag to make a regular outfit look chic. For a more desi look you can wear a chicken kurta with a yellow shalwar or you can also accessorize your regular desi shalwar kameez by adding a yellow scarf, dupatta or a belt. Still not sure ? Wear a blue jeans with a yellow top. What could go wrong with jeans 😉

So grab your honey, Musturd, lemon or whatever shade you feel more comfortable with and wear it with your personal touch. Be it eastern or western totally upon you.

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