From ages I’ve been searching for a light weight foundation because I always hated the cakey look that I used to get from every foundation I tried. So, this time for a little change I bought a MAKE UP STORE foundation ‘instant perfection’ and for the FIRST TIME in my life I’m 100% satisfied. It’s looks super natural, a bit dewy (that I love) and you don’t feel like you have anything on your face. It goes easily for medium coverage makeup and if you apply a layer of compact powder over it than it can also work as a full coverage makeup foundation.


Look at the packaging. I’m so impressed their packaging design. It looks so smart not just like your usual beauty brand. A matter of fact the first time I noticed this product is because of the packaging. So its a win win for MAKE UP STORE ♥

There’s a little video on my instagram blog as well and also there’s a giveaway going on MAKE UP STORE’s  official page so signup guys 😉