Two and half constant months of learning Swedish grammar (that I’m worst at) and dragging myself to read a pretty sad novel about the war… Finally I got time to write about the most Interesting and fun evening that I recently had at the Beauty Week.

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so take your glasses and sit with me while I tell you all the little details..

Stockholm Beauty Week is an annual event that happens every year in April in the capital city. The event contains a three day show casing of different beauty brands. Different events are conducted based on Skin care, Cosmetics, Hair care and show casing of what coming next year.This year I got the passes of a biggest VIP fashion show courtesy of  ‘bibliotekstan’ and ‘Stockholm beauty week’ where they ended the three day event of Beauty week with show casing beautiful attires by ‘Jennifer Blom’. The collection was based on warm and light hues on formal silk gowns and dresses for spring and summer ’17. Hair and Makeup were by the very talented team of ‘Björn Axén’.

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I got two passes one for me and one for my friend. We had it for the whole day but I had my exam in the morning so I was only able to attend the fashion show (-_-). The venue was at the Beautiful building of ‘Birger Jarlspasaggen’ which in the center of fashion district surrounded by brands like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc.  It was decorated in the same color scheme and theme as the dresses.

Pretty hungry we reached the venue at 17:10 and the show was going to start at 18:10 so we had an hour left (to snapchat and instagram and I got my hands on the free goodies =P ). We saw models doing their rehearsals which was pretty nice and positive to watch the way they were all collaborating as a team.

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Can I get these flip flops .. looks so comfy !! ¤_¤

Soon the place were all crowded with people. They took champagne and people like me tried to fill their bags with all the ‘Marabou’ chocolate they could to feed themselves. DJ was there to turn the ramp on fire (Besides the beautiful dresses obviously). When we got to our seats we found our goodiebags from ‘Glossybox Sweden’ that made the evening even more perfect. I’ll definitely show the unboxing later on my page very soon.

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It was a great experience and I’m very grateful for ‘bibliotekstan’ and ‘Stockholm Fashion Week’ for Inviting me. I met so many influencers and bloggers and I also met the very talented Haute Designer ‘Iman Aldebe’ and the super model ‘Ingmari Lamy’ (who was so down to earth that I was shocked lol I remember her crossing me when I was taking picture at the red carpet and she looked at me and said ‘wow nice look’ I guess my confidence level was up above the sky at that moment 😀 ). The show really helped me to see Stockholm with a different angle and I think I like this angle very very much 😉

This is so far my most favorite picture from the show.

It was great to see all different people together under one roof spreading just one thing ..Beauty.

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p.s  You can buy the entry tickets for each day from their website.