It’s been a while since I switched to Vegan and Organic range of hair and face products. Since then its a new world of  whole wide new product range for me but I must say it was not easy.  So today I’m going to share the one I like the most and the one I hated and why.

First I start with the worst one. (-_-)


In the start when I didn’t know much about the products I searched a bit on Internet and thought ‘okay that’s it I’m gonna buy that product’. I went to the store ‘Lyko’ but the sales girl totally made me change my mind (I know it’s their job) and I ended up buying a pretty high priced package with shampoo, conditioner and a soap. It costed me around 600kr which is a little high price for a shampoo in Sweden. The product was ‘Heal- by MARIA NILA’ which is a 100% vegan shampoo and it did the totally apposite of what it was supposed to do. My hair started falling out as soon as I applied the shampoo and I thought maybe its because I’m switching to a new shampoo so I continued it for like 2-3 months but didn’t help and I lost almost 30% of my hair. My hair became very thin and I looked very ‘ganji’ I complained to them (they take alot of time to reply you back )in which they said I might be allergic but I’ve never been allergic.  So I threw the shampoo as far away as I could and head out again in the search of new shampoo.


This time I again bought a Swedish product (I like using local products). It was a ‘Rosemary hair and body wash’ by MARIA ÅKERBERG (irony in the name lol) . It was an organic product that totally saved my hair. The smell is as nice a nursery of fresh green plants. As the sales man said and I agree the Rosemary helps in the development of hair and I agree it did. I did notice some baby hair growing back.

As I like changing hair products after a while so recently I bought two new products one is from the same brand. It’s a hair growth shampoo. I’ve been using it for two months now. Smell is not as great as the one I used before so I might buy the previous one later.


I’m also trying Loreal’s botanical corriander shampoo which also smells GREAT and often use it as body wash =P which is also works for me too.

So, for the final win (drum roll) it’s Maria Åkerberg’s Rosemary hair and body wash. I must tell you their customer service is GREAT. They reply quickly and you can ask them to tell you which product can or cannot suit you.

I also bought their other products which I am using right now and would love to do a review later.

If you guys want me to review a vegan or organic product comment below 🙂

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