For every time I say …my skin is in a very bad shape after passing the whole winter season in Sweden and not getting a ray of sunlight (dramatic eyes rolling). Well yes !!! I have to repeat it because if it wasn’t that I won’t be experiencing all these new stuff. So, back to the Spa experience. I went there to get my skin checked. I took an appointment on the phone a day before. It was easy and the next day I get there before an hour (very clever I am) obviously I want to explore.  FYI leave your shoes at the entrance !

They gave a form which I didn’t understand as it was in Swedish (-_-) So they told me no biggi .. ‘the girl who is going to assist you will help you with that’… They asked me about the allergies which I don’t have any (AH).

The place was so calming that I started yawning LOL and the view from the windows was breath taking. You can literally see the sea gulls, ships and cruises passing through while you get your treatment done.


My specialist (whose name was ANNA) came exact on time and took me to my room. I have already chosen the ‘crystal peel’ facial from their website. When she examined my skin she told me that it’s very dry and all that vacuume  cleansing would might make my skin more rough. She suggested me the normal complete facial instead of crystal peeling and when she began (OMG) it’s was like magic!! (I think I told her that also .. thrice) and I also fell asleep when she gave me that OH SO Amazing shoulder massage. It costed me half of the price as compared to crystal peel and my skin felt like a baby skin without a heavy mask of dirt and sebum on it. They use high quality BABOR products for all of their treatments.

At njuta spa they offer variety off services. You can get different kind of facials, massages or you could also go there book a jacuzzi room for you and friends or loved ones and enjoy the scenic view. In case if you guys want to stay for night, they have sort of collaboration with the hotel just by the end of the road so you could stay there =)

The price list and details about the treatments is on their website. click on the link to check it out : njuta spa treatments

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