I bought this product 4 months ago and still using it. It’s not very long since the product was launched in Swedish stores. You can find them in near by pharmacies.

The brand makes products for people with sensitive, dry and/or acne-prone skin as an alternative to harsher types of soap. My skin was very much normal until I moved to a new country. After a year I noticed redness around my nose, breakouts and even after winters my skin had the weirdest dry skin patches I never had before. Whenever I wake-up I notice my skin is coming rolling off specially around my mouth and on the right side of my face (because I sleep on the right side). I tried Clinique products but they didn’t make any difference. Worst was when I apply makeup, it doesn’t sit at all. The foundation becomes patchy and the makeup starts coming off as soon as I apply.

I decided to give this duo a try and I was pretty amazed. With in a week my skin was healed. Just so you know I don’t use the product daily because it is summer now and I don’t want to look like an oil tank lol. I use the cleanser thrice a week before going to bed and I don’t wash my face with soap or anything the next morning and apply the moisturizer when I feel that my skin is getting over- dehydrated.

I would really like to suggest these products to everybody who have similar issues or even if you have Rosacea when the skin reacts to every single product!!

FYI- No this is not a paid post =D IMG_5385

xX // Joikhtiar-