So, Sup guys !!!? Sorry I haven’t been writing much -_- but here I am AGAIN =D

The other day I posted a boomerang of me casually walking down the street and I got tons of messages about ‘What’s the glow on my cheek.. Is it highlighter ? and What highlighter’ .. I tried to answer some but then I thought maybe I should tell you guys the deets =) how SUGHAR of me =P

Coconut oil-

Starting from the basic.. I use coconut oil for like EVERYTHING. If you have dry skin coconut oil can be your best moisturizer and it has Vitamin-E properties in it. I use it for cleansing my makeup and if I feel that my skin is getting dehydrated I give my skin a massage with it at night and wash my face the next morning. (I use organic coconut oil which is easily available at ICA, WILLIES and PARADISE MARKNAD)

Shea butter beautifying oil-

This oil is from THE BODY SHOP. You can use it on your body, hair and skin. The best thing about it is, it gets dry so quickly and doesn’t feel like you have anything on your skin. I use it after shower because that’s when the pores are open and the skin can get more benefits from the product. I also apply it in my hair instead of using a conditioner and it leaves hair silky and very glossy ❤

Bio Oil-

hmmm… about this one. I won’t recommend it because I haven’t seen that much difference and I also noticed that some times it gives me pimples. So now I just use it as cleanser and FYI it is pretty good at the cleansing job and my skin doesn’t complain after that!! So yea..

Royal Facial Oil Moist-

OOOH YOU !!! ..

It’s a life saver product I must say !!… I started using it when my skin was at it’s WORST !! I had dry patches around my mouth .. my pores were getting bigger around my nose.. I had redness and bumpy skin .. and by using this tiny little precious oil all of those problems are 85% gone !! The bottle might look tiny but I use only 3-4 drops thrice a week or daily (depends on the weather also) and it’s been 3 months and still the bottle is half full.!! —> positive attitude =D I use it as a day cream .. sometimes night cream, under makeup, use some drops on the concealer and contour stick so they can blend easily with a dewy finish.. I’m so gonna buy it again ..for sure !!

So the best oil award goes too.. (drum roll) FACIAL OIL MOIST from MARIA ÅKERSBERG !!!

Also a lot of people have been asking about oils for acne scars I tried to reply but it’s hard to reply everybody that’s why I tell you guys to check my posts -_- For acne scars you guys can use rose hip oil and apricot oil and don’t forget EXCESS OF ANYTHING IS NOT HEALTHY !! so don’t over do it.. Do it twice or thrice a week.

Let me know what you guys want me to cover next time. Also I’m working on my Autumn look book so stay tuned.  =))

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Much Love. ❤