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Amsterdam and the canals –

I'm not going to write a separate article related to Denmark which was our first stop. Honestly speaking, we didn't spend much time there because it's very similar to Stockholm and we really were in the mood to get a... Continue Reading →


Despite the fact I wasn't ready for the picture and I've no idea why my right hand is in that shape and despite the fact this picture came out really bluish because of the never ending grey weather .......BUT I... Continue Reading →

The daily journal. Nothing flashy!

I always start a week by making 'to do lists' and all but when it hits Thursday I get all wussy and lazy. Rest of the week I spend in total disappointment of not achieving my weekly goals. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

En oförglömlig resa

Förra sommaren min man och jag planerade att gĂ„ för en vĂ€g resa. Vi sparat tillrĂ€ckligt för att resa genom fyra Europiska lĂ€nder. Vi besökte Danmark, NederlĂ€nderna, Schweiz och Tyskland. Vi stannade i mĂ„nga olika stĂ€der som Köpenhamn, Amsterdamn, Frankfurt,... Continue Reading →

From ‘No makeup’ to ‘less makeup’.

I have watched million of 'No makeup' tutorials and couldn't stop wondering, 'how putting that much amount of makeup on your face is a no makeup face'. For me a no makeup face is a mosturizing based primer or a... Continue Reading →

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